About Me

I have always believed that health is at the center of all things, even beauty. A beautiful skin, for example, can only be achieved if one has a healthy, well-functioning body. More importantly, beauty must come from within. And with a healthy mind, beauty naturally flows.

Hi, I am Signe Johansen, a health and beauty enthusiast who is fascinated with anything and everything about health and what makes human beings really beautiful. I am not a fitness guru nor am I a health expert. I am just an ordinary human being who values the importance of maintaining optimum health in order to achieve the things that we want most in life.

I believe in the value of good nutrition, a healthy dose of exercise, and leading a relatively stress-free life. I am no perfectionist but I do believe I can do things on my own to help me be healthy and beautiful. It is thus my hope to be able to share this passion with others.