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I have been suffering from body pain for many years. I would wake up to a terrible pain from my hips down to my feet. The pain can come any time, day or night.

Pain killers had helped me fight off the pain for many years. But, the pain would come back after a few weeks of painless bliss. Every time, it is more intense than before. Lately, I decided to find a way to end the pain once and for all.

Finding A Cure

I have found temporary comfort in getting a massage regularly. I even bought almost all kinds of electric massage devices. As always, the relief was always short-lived.

Then I heard about remedial massage in Brunswick area from a friend whose son had undergone therapy and has been experiencing positive results. I am planning to take a vacation for a month. Why not spend it in Brunswick and have fun and seek treatment at the same time?

I have tried undergoing massage therapy with high hopes of getting rid of the pain. However, my work did not allow regular sessions. Now that I am on a holiday, I can focus on improving my health along with taking a break from my busy schedule.

Arriving at Brunswick

After arriving at the nearest airport to Brunswick, I rented a car to drive to my friend’s place. We are both happy to see each other. After greeting one another, my friend brought me to her son to show me his fast progress.

She is positive that I can find help there. The next day, she drove me to the clinic where I was asked to complete a form. After I was done and submitted it, we were told to wait.

Apparently, the form was forwarded to one of the therapists. After about 10 minutes, I was called into what appeared to be a small office. The therapist asked me if I am willing to undergo remedial therapy.

The treatment could last a month or longer. I told him I would stay with my friend until the treatment has been completed.

I was thoroughly examined and I answered numerous questions regarding the pain I felt, what I thought caused it, and pain history. I was told answering all the questions can help them find out what was wrong with me and to design a personalized treatment program.

A Ray of Hope

When I returned to the clinic for my first appointment, my therapist told me that my condition is still at its early stage. He started explaining to me the therapy that I would undertake, the schedule, and what to expect from the treatment.

I was told if all goes well, I would be having sessions for a month and I can have follow -up sessions and checkups in any clinic near my place that offers remedial therapy.

I was glad to be able to focus on the therapy sessions without worrying about work and other problems. My friend drove me to my sessions and we did some sightseeing if we still had time.

At first, I still spent sleepless nights as the throbbing on my hips down my legs prevented me from falling asleep. But, after my fifth session, I slept longer as the pain seemed to get less intense and last shorter.

I told my friend about this as well as my therapist and they were happy about this development.

My Journey to Wellness

Time flew fast and I only have two weeks left in Brunswick. The last two weeks were memorable to me. I experienced uninterrupted sleep for the first time without taking any painkiller.

I look forward to my therapy sessions knowing that good news always awaits me. Three days before my trip back home, I celebrated my getting well with my therapist and my best friend. I could not believe that I am now free from the pain.

My therapist gave me the name of his colleague near my place so that I can see him when the need arose. Thankfully, the pain is now gone.

With remedial massage, I experienced a great change in the quality of my life. Now, I can sleep soundly the whole night. I wake up feeling good, ready to go to work and spend quality time with my friends and family.

There are people who think that office cleaning is only for big businesses since they already have a reputation to protect. However, getting the services of a professional cleaning company can also bring a number of benefits for small businesses.

Here are 4 reasons why small businesses should also invest in reputable office cleaning services.

1. Ensures a Great and Lasting Impression

Small businesses do not have the benefit of a large customer base. As such, they have to take every opportunity they can to make a great and lasting impression on their clients.

If their office and other facilities are clean and organised, customers will be more than willing to conduct business with them.

This is where professional cleaning services can be very useful. One such company is Performance Cleaning. They can help small businesses find a venue where potential customers will feel very welcome.

One has to realise that ordinary cleaning is not enough. Customers will know if the office is really clean or not. Only professional office cleaning companies can provide small businesses with a very thorough cleaning.

2. Improves the Productivity of Your Employees

There are some businesses who think that their employees can clean the office themselves. While this is possible, it can take away precious time from the productivity of employees.

They will be spending up to 30 minutes cleaning up their workstations and helping others in the cleaning of other areas of the office. These 30 minutes can be allotted for more meaningful and more productive activities.

When small businesses hire an office cleaning company, they are transferring the responsibility of cleaning the office to this company. They are removing the burden of cleaning from their employees. This way, employees can focus more on their tasks and job responsibilities.

Professional cleaners can provide a much safer workplace, too. People will not get sick due to dust and allergens that may come from air vents or contaminated surfaces. This leads to a reduction in employee absenteeism. It can also contribute to better employee productivity.

3. Fosters Good Employer-Employee Relationship

One of the advantages of being in a small business is that you get to know each and every employee. Small business owners know each employee on a more personal level.

As such, they are able to communicate with employees in a less formal manner. The relationship between owners and employees is more cordial than those in large businesses.

However, if the business owner does not provide a clean and safe environment for his employees to work in, then the employees might feel neglected.

They might feel that the owner is only good at talking with them. Hiring a cleaning service can help convey to employees that the business owner wants them to work in the best possible environment.

They will feel valued. This can also endear them more to the company. As such, they will do their best to help the small business succeed.

4. More Thorough Cleaning

It is true that ordinary employees can clean their office. However, we already mentioned that doing so can have an impact on their productivity. A more important reason why professional office cleaning companies are better is that they can perform a more thorough cleaning of your office.

Professional office cleaners undergo rigorous training to help them in their tasks. They also get to use cleaning agents that are more powerful and more effective in killing germs on various surfaces. They are also knowledgeable about the different areas of an office that are the dirtiest.

Part of their job is to maintain the optimal functioning of your furnishings, fixtures, and other essential office equipment. They know that your business relies on these objects for your company’s success. Professional cleaners can keep your small business in great shape.

Professional cleaning companies do more than clean your office; they can help you gain more customers and ensure healthy and happy employees. They can also help you improve your employees’ productivity so you will reach the kind of success you’ve always envisioned for your small business.

It may be a surprising analogy but much of what is taught in yoga mirrors the principles of getting in the flow of organising. There’s a general misconception that being organised, or getting organised, is boring, strict and controlling. It couldn’t be further from the truth, there’s a spiritual element to getting organised that’s often overlooked which can be used across life.

  1. You can’t be wrong: We’re all unique so there’s many ways of achieving the same outcome. There are modifications for all Yoga poses for a reason, not all bodies can do the same thing. The same goes for organising, everyone’s organising level is different, and it takes time to find what works for you.
  2. It’s about the journey: As in Yoga, there is not a point that you will be ‘done’. Life is an endless cycle of using items, putting them back; acquiring items, letting go of others. The cycle is the point of organisation, not the destination of a magazine perfect house.
  3. Your intention keeps you focused: By focusing on what is important to you, achievements become a reality and help get you back on track when other distractions come up.
  4. Keep going: Progress is a product of patience. I’ve not known anyone who will try the Crow pose on the first go and get it. It’s something that has to be tried again and again before it’s accomplished. It’s the same with reaching an organising goal. Chunking a task down into manageable pieces keeps energy high and flowing.

  1. Every day is different: Some days on the mat you feel limber and happy, you’re able to get into poses easily and without strain. Other days it’s tiring and your body doesn’t want to do anything but child’s pose. Staying on top of life admin and being organised across all areas of life comes in waves, some days it all seems to work and other days will show that tweaks need to be made to handle new strains.
  2. Choose love and vulnerability: Yoga teaches us to be in the moment, to stay with our feelings. Organising demands the same. If we’re decluttering, for example, we must be honest about whether we need the item or if it’s fear that we may need it later, that makes us hold on to it.
  3. Observing yourself is a great asset: Rather than get angry at your past purchasing ‘mistakes’ or regrets, these are opportunities to learn about yourself. As they say in Yoga, each breath is a new chance, a fresh start; so to are opportunities to let go.

This guest post is written by Christie Flora.

If you are looking for a professional organiser based in Melbourne, Australia, you can contact Christie at flor&order ( She also helps with wardrobe organising and can be hired for one on one coaching sessions to assist you in living a calmer, decluttered, and happier life.

In my personal experience, there are only two time-tested and fool-proof ways in which you can actually lose weight permanently and without any of the nasty side effects of diet pills – regular exercise and making the correct food choices. Choosing the correct food to help you lose weight can be pretty easy, but getting yourself to really sweat it out can be very challenging to some folks. The good news is that you can now actually lose weight even while you’re sitting down or doing the things you enjoy the most. A number of vibration machine reviews talk about the benefits of using such a machine and one of the most striking so far is its weight loss benefits. Did I get your attention? You should! Many of the friends I know who have used such a machine claim it works. If they can get the results they want, you, too, can lose weight using a vibration machine.

The idea about vibration machines is that it produces vibrations (hence, the name) that are transmitted throughout the rest of the body. A motor runs a mechanism on the bathroom weighing scale-like contraption which produces vibrations in a variety of ways, depending on the mechanism. Some platforms have a see-saw-like movement while others create an up-down motion much like an elevator. Others incorporate another plane of movement to create 3-dimensional movement. Others integrate a 4th plane of motion to create 4D.

These movements occur at a very rapid pace which you can actually control using buttons on the device. The faster the speed of the motor, the greater is the intensity of the vibrations. When these vibrations are transmitted through the body they stimulate the muscles in your body to contract and relax at almost the same frequency as the vibrations. This is the secret to a vibration machine’s work in helping you shave off several grams off of your weight at a time.

When we exercise you’ll mostly feel tingling sensations as if your muscles are being pricked by very tiny needles. Then you’ll definitely feel warmer. This is evidence that your muscles are working. They are essentially contracting and relaxing. Every time they contract they use up energy. And whenever energy utilisation in the body is involved you have to think about mobilising your fat stores.

A personal trainer friend of mine told me that vibration machines simulate the reflex contraction of muscles. He says that the frequency and vibration of the machine is what takes the place of weights in conventional strength training. What it does is that the vibrations activate more muscles a lot faster than conventional workouts. I’ll translate it in hopefully much simpler terms. You only need to a few minutes on a vibration machine to achieve the same kind of result that you would in any other type of exercise equipment.

Don’t believe me? Well, consider this. Your 10 minutes on a vibration machine set to its max is actually equivalent to 60 minutes of jogging or biking or 30 minutes of swimming and doing yoga or sit-ups. That’s about 400 to 600 calories burned already for a 100-kilogramme individual. And the good news is that you are never going to really sweat it out or even exert any force at all. You could very well be sitting on your couch watching your favourite TV programme or reading a novel you wanted to finish and the machine does it for you.

Vibration machines can help you lose weight. However, if you don’t watch what you’re eating, then you’ll be gaining weight as fast as you’ve lost it. The key to losing weight is to have higher energy expenditure than what you are actually consuming. Well, the process is actually very complicated, but let me put it in a simpler way. If you have an average calorie requirement of 3000, then your energy expenditure should be higher than that, say 3500. This creates a negative calorie balance, making your body to use up fat reserves.

Losing weight is best accomplished by making sensible food choices and revving up your physical activities. And if you’re like most folks I know who cannot be encouraged to hit the gym, then a vibration machine should help you obtain the weight you’ve ever wanted.

The saying that music helps the mind develop into a higher level is not new to me. I often heard it from my musically inclined parents and siblings who never failed in encouraging me to find comfort from playing any instrument where I could seemingly find an “internal connection”. Believe me, I have exerted significant efforts in searching for that one instrument that embodies who I am. However, most of the time my efforts were put into waste as well as the money invested for the music lessons I usually take. Due to several disappointments, I have actually considered giving up and letting my family enjoy playing music by themselves. But, I only held that hopelessness until the day I encountered a flyer wherein drum lessons in Melbourne were advertised.

Admittedly, I have attempted to play several musical instruments like the piano, violin, guitar, harp, trumpets. But never have I thought to play drums. When I have collected ample confidence in myself again, I enrolled myself once more in a music school, particularly in Red Drum Music Studios. Going to classes for me was not that much of a hassle since the studio is a few minutes away from our house. I knew I was overly confident when I entered the studio having been in one a couple of times. My confidence crashed that same day when I had difficulties in learning the basics of playing the drums. I cannot even hold the drumsticks correctly! That day I thought to myself that that was one of the worst decisions I made my whole life. Come to think of it, I paid for my own embarrassment.

When I got home that day, I stared at the mirror and asked myself if attending the classes was worth it. Quite obviously, I chose to attend the succeeding classes partially because I already paid for it but mostly because I wanted to pursue my interest in playing the drums. The first phase of the program was extremely difficult. The need to coordinate my eyes (which was in the notes) with my hands (which were holding the drumsticks) and foot (which was resting on a pedal) is indeed a challenge for beginners. But given my effort and dedication, after a few sessions, I was able to master some of the basics and was able to play simple rhythms and notes of popular music back then.

Other than learning to play the drums, there was more to music which I learned as I attended the classes. Music is a subtle science and math. As for the former, the sound waves produced by any instrument or object should be able to form a pleasing combination for our ears. And for the latter, it is more on the counts to be able to produce a beautiful rhythm from the sound. Hand and eye coordination, which is often tested during physical education classes, is not only tested but enhanced when one plays music. This is most certainly true when it comes to playing the drums. It even involves more coordination because we were also taught to play other parts of the drum set which needed stomping of the foot against a pedal to hit a large drum.

Of the instruments I have tried to learn and play, the drums are the only one wherein I can totally express feelings which cannot be put into words. By hitting the drums, stepping on the pedal, and playing rhythms not necessarily written, I was able to experience the “internal connection” my family has been talking about. When I was equipped with necessary skills in playing drums, I opted to buy one for my own so that I would not need to go and rent a room in a studio to do my thing.

Undeniably, learning something totally new causes fear or anxiety. But based on my experience, people should not be hindered by fear of not being good at it in the first try. Rather, those types of failures or shortcomings should be the ones to motivate us. The mentors in the studio were also of great help in assisting newbies like me in playing the drums. Their words of assurance that one day I would be able to play the drums without their guidance fostered an environment conducive for growth. As much search for the instrument that perfect suits me, I am reassured that more discoveries in playing the drums are yet to come to me. As I continuously put a conscious effort on something I love, I hope that another individual does not give up with the hardships of the early sessions of music lesson to be able to do what they respectively love to. I would never regret the day I decided to enroll myself in drum lessons because now I found another outlet for self-expression. It is in a rather calming and pleasing way of playing the drums for myself, my family, and others.

I have to admit, I love finding a reason to skip on my workout. I want to be fit and keep my figure, but I am not really a very active person. Although I had a gym membership, I was too lazy to go there all the time. Maybe I would go a couple of time max in the month but otherwise, I always found an excuse to skip.

This all changed when my flatmate suggested buying a treadmill at home. I was hesitant, at first, because I knew how lazy I tend to be when it comes to working out. She had, however, convinced me because of the many benefits compared to going to the gym to work out.

When I finally said yes, we took to the Internet to find the best machine for home use out there. Once it arrived, we were excited about using sole fitness F85 treadmill in our new home. The great reviews had led us to choose this specific model and I wanted to see if having it at home was going to make me work out more often.

After an initial try, I was motivated to do it more regularly. Surprisingly, a few times became more often, and after a couple of months, it started to become a part of my routine. No one was more surprised than I was, but using the machine had helped me understand why I liked it more than going to the gym:

Reason 1: I could do it anytime

I work long hours, and I also have some time to travel from home to work. Therefore, trying to squeeze in gym time was difficult for me sometimes. Even during the weekends, I would have other chores or plans so I could not always make it. The travel time to the gym and the opening hours just demotivated me from going. However, having the machine at home was the perfect solution. No need to go out and in fact, this time I would have wasted on the trip was exactly the amount of time I ended up working out on the home treadmill.

Reason 2: The weather doesn’t stop me

More than having to travel, the weather makes me even lazier. When it is raining or cold, I just feel like staying in and skipping on my work out. Exercising at home, on the other hand, does not require me going out into the rain or whatever other weather.

Reason 3: No crowds, no judgment, and no hassle

 I didn’t realize how much I hated the crowds in the gym. Being a bit on the round side, I could not avoid comparisons, stares and the discomfort having to work out with other people. Because most of the gym goers are also in the office at the same time as me, it means I can only exercise during the busiest times. Staying at home allows me to just meet my fitness goals, which is just to keep myself active and avoid gaining more weight. I was not really overweight and I was happy with my body. Finally, in my own private place, there are no people looking at me, no one to fight over the machines with, no dirty facilities and I could also shower in my own bathroom. Once I realized the difference, I could not really imagine working out in a public gym anymore.

Reason 4: I can squeeze shorter workouts

It is very rare for any one of us to really have hours to spare to work out in the gym. Personally, it was easier for me to exercise more often but in shorter intervals. It was also less boring and I was more motivated when I knew I was only going to run for 20 minutes. To make sure I still was doing enough, I would do it 3 or 4 times a day whenever I had time to squeeze it into my schedule.

Reason 5: I could multitask

I really love to cook at home, using traditional recipes that meant I sometimes needed to wait for a while for the food to be ready. Or sometimes, I like to watch movies or news. I incorporated my fitness regimen into these activities, and it was much better than just sitting inactive on the couch. I could finally achieve more in the time I had. In fact, I could do many of my chores at the same time, which helps a lot. After all, there are quite a few things I need or want to do at home, and if I went to the gym I could simply not do these things simultaneously.

To be honest, I was astonished that I ended up really loving our home treadmill machine. It was definitely the perfect solution for me, and I finally felt excited and motivated to work out. Without really planning to, our sole fitness F85 became an important part of my life and routine!

I do hope you find my post interesting and helpful. If you are a health buff and would want to read more of this kind of articles, just click here. There’s no better way to enjoy life than to be in the best of health.

study hard until late at night. And adulthood was not so different. Not only do you have to work, but having fun especially on the weekends was also part of the routine. This means, going out in bars and going home when the sun is out already.

It was only when I became even older that I started to notice the dangers of getting too sleep. Maybe it was part of getting older and not anymore having the same energy as before. But I started to really feel tired and needing to make up for the lack of sleep on the weekends. The worst was being so exhausted but still finding myself tossing and turning. I became worried, so I did my homework and found out how insomnia was actually bad for me.

Of course, we all know that our sleep time is when our body recovers and prepares us for another day. Children and teenagers, however, need sleep as this is when growth hormones are released. These same hormones are also responsible for muscle mass and cell repair. Therefore, sleep is really vital during these years.

As adults, lack of sleep can affect all body systems:

  1. Central Nervous System

Without enough sleep, your brain and the central nervous system will simply not function well. This is because busy neurons rest in the night and new pathways are formed for the next day. Moreover, proteins are produced by your body during sleep which help with cell damage repair.

Insomnia and sleep deprivation will lead to an exhausted brain, which feels clouded and unable to perform normally. Despite drinking coffee, you will feel sluggish and find it difficult to concentrate and take in new information. You will also find it difficult to memorize anything and contemplate to make decisions. Even your emotions are not unaffected, you end up being short-tempered and moody.

The biggest risk of insomnia is microsleep when you fall asleep for a few seconds or minutes without realizing it. You end up being at risk for injury and worse, car accidents.

  1. Immune System

It is during sleep when your immune system produces cytokines, as well as antibodies and cells that fight infections. Otherwise, your body do not have the tools to be able to fight off bacteria and viruses. Therefore, lack of sleep will lower your immune system and even make it difficult to recover from sickness or illnesses.

  1. Respiratory System

Because of your compromised immune system, you become vulnerable to cold and flu. Sleep deprivation also worsens chronic lung disease.

  1. Digestive System

Studies have found a link between sleep deprivation and weight gain. In fact, this is one of the risk factors for being overweight.

Without enough sleep, your body produces more cortisol, the stress hormone, and lowers levels of leptin, which tells your brain that you’re full. It also raises ghrelin, a biochemical that is an appetite stimulant. Therefore, you find yourself eating more and gaining weight.

Worse, your body gives off more insulin after eating, which promotes storage of fat and eventually making you more at risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

  1. Cardiovascular System

It is also when you sleep when your body heals and repairs blood vessels and heart. Lack of sleep then increases the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease. In fact, if you have hypertension, a single night of too little sleep leads to higher blood pressure the next day.

In fact, research had proven that having less than 5 hours of sleep increases your risk of death by 15%. You might also end up having chronic conditions that will also lower your quality of life.

It is more than clear that getting enough sleep is vital for good health. But how much is enough? As adults, we really need to get around 7 to 9 hours a night, but in reality, most get much less. In this time and age of technology, it is easy to get caught up on our smartphones and the Internet. If you also have a lot of responsibilities, like children and work, it can be difficult to find enough sleep.

Still, it is not too late to prioritize your health. I, myself, took the first steps to try to beat insomnia. Thankfully, with a change of habits and a lot of effort, I was finally getting more sleep and experienced fewer symptoms of insomnia. Not only do I have more energy now to do what I want, but I feel stronger, happier and healthier too.

It takes time to get over an injury, especially if you have been rendered immobile for a while. Your muscles will need some effort to rebuilt and strengthen itself again. When I suffered an accident practicing my sport, I have to admit, I was eager to get back on my feet and playing again. In order for me to achieve that in the shortest time possible, I consulted a physiotherapy practice in Werribee.

It turned out to be a great decision, as I couldn’t imagine anyone else better in supporting me get back in shape. After all, their approach looks at not just the area that suffered damage but examines my whole body in all. In my first appointment, I was scheduled for full screening. The point is to assess the root cause as well. This way, the treatment they will plan would not just help me rehabilitate, but at the same time, reduce the chances of future trauma.

After this assessment, I was recommended Pilates as a method for injury rehabilitation. I had heard of, of course, the popular exercise program, but my physiotherapist explained that what they use in the clinic is different. Developed by Joseph Pilates, it targets deep postural muscles of the spine and abdomen in order to improve your overall core stability.

Clinical Pilates, offered by my physiotherapy practice, uses exercises selected based on the injuries. This means that every patient will have a program that is different from anyone else’s. After all, rehabilitation is meant to enhance and restore function where there had been physical impairments because of specific trauma in any of the following: muscles, tissues, bones and nervous system.

The popularity of Pilates extends to the practice of physiotherapy, especially to help rehabilitate patients. Its key elements were explained in my first visit. First of all is concentration, then centering, breathing and isolation are also important. Routine and precision are other elements, as well as control and flowing movement. This is achieved because this exercise regimen is not just focused on a specific part of the body, as what happens with traditional training methods.

A treatment plan may include various exercises like stretches, mobility or strengthening exercises. Here are some more specific exercises that have helped me get back in shape after my injury:

Using Springs

In the beginning, to ease me into the routine, I used springs on the reformer machines so that I could move more fluidly. Springs made me feel the resistance at the strongest point of contraction of your muscles, and less on the completion of these movements. This reduced the stress on my ligaments, tendons, and joints.

As I started to build strength and make some progress, I moved on to the mat, where springs are not used anymore. Without them to support me, my core stabilizers will start to be developed.

Concentrated Movements

Being conscious and concentrated on how my body is moving is a part of Pilates. My therapist chose movements that will isolate and target muscles close to the area that sustained trauma. This helped me strengthen this area and get it back into shape.

Conscious Breathing

Like in Yoga, a big part of Pilates is conscious breathing. I had to make sure I was not holding your breath because right breathing will help my diaphragm stabilize my trunk. At the same time, it brought needed oxygen to injured parts of the body to help relieve the pressure points and improve circulation there.

Muscular Balance

A basic reason for accidents is muscle imbalance, especially for those who practice sports. This is because some muscle groups are worked out more than others, and the weaker ones will then be prone to damage. My therapist observed my movement patterns and identified incorrect ones. Exercises that promoted balanced and aligned movements helped me then recover and moreover, prevent me from incurring new ones.

Control Exercises

A key component is to keep a strong core, therefore movements are used that require keeping a neutral spine. This means, my core alignments were always maintained to avoid further damage as well. With the help of my physiotherapist, I was able to adjust my exercises based on my capability and slowly increase the intensity as I became more stabilized.

Positive Movement

Sometimes wrong movements cause accidents, and a part of rehabilitation is to correct them and learn new ones that will reduce stress on these specific areas. Pilates taught me how to operate in the most optimal way that will reduce the risk of future trauma.

The key principles of Pilates have certainly taught me a lot about my body and how it moves. These exercises have also helped me move better in order to practice my sport more efficiently without risking any further damage. The fact that it was also personalized means all movements were tailored to me and my strengths and weaknesses. Not only did it help me recover from injury, but allowed me to become a better athlete in the future.

The continuous advancements in science and technology has resulted to the creation of tools and development of methods that can greatly help us cure diseases. But even if there are now drugs that swarm pharmacies, there are ways that can help us maintain a strong and healthy body without relying on artificial or synthetic ingredients. One great example is physiotherapy. Whether it is a preventive measure or treatment method, patients can rely on the positive effects of physiotherapy especially when it is facilitated by a certified practitioner.

What is physiotherapy? 

Physiotherapy is a treatment that deals with the restoration and maintenance of functional body movements, promotion of good overall health, and significant reduction of pain. It involves the use of physical numerous techniques such as massage, muscle stretching, joint mobilization, and joint manipulation. Physiotherapists also practice acupuncture and use other methods of treatment such as laser, ultrasound, ice, hot packs, and many others. If you are living or when you are in Australia, you can easily find reliable physio in South Yarra and Prahran area.

What are the conditions that physiotherapists treat? 

You’ll be surprised to know that physiotherapy can actually be used to treat numerous conditions that you would normally treat with over the counter or prescription medicines. The conditions that can be treated using physiotherapy includes sprained ankle, headaches, spinal injuries such as disc prolapse, fractures such as broken arm, sports injuries such as ligament tears, spinal pain, arthritis conditions such as osteoarthritis, pediatric conditions such as cerebral palsy, cardiothoracic conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders, neurological diseases and disorders such as stroke, biochemical problems such as “flat feet”, post-surgical rehabilitation such as after a knee replacement, and musculoskeletal problems such a carpal tunnel syndrome.

As it seems, physiotherapy is an effective method of treating numerous conditions without the need to consume tablets or other forms of medicines. In general, physiotherapists address cardiopulmonary, neurological and orthopedic problems among adults, geriatric populations, children and even infants.

What are the indispensable benefits of physiotherapy? 

  • Significant improvement in motion and mobility. There are different methods and treatments that thephysiotherapists use to regain your ability to move your body. They use several interventions to focus on the re-education and control of muscle, improvement of daily body functions, regaining of flexibility and strength, restoration and improvement of gait, rehabilitation of gross and fine motors skills, and others.

When you are able to move again, you are able to do your job and habits again without suffering from pain. You become able to earn a living again, which is essential for you to have a decent life. You also become able to perform tasks at home and do leisure activities again with much gusto and a lot of fun. When you are able to move normally again, you will be able to will be able to move your body regularly which is very important in avoiding he development of diseases such as diabetes. You can perform your regular session of workouts and maintain your ideal weight and good overall health status.

Being able to move consistently is crucial in keeping your ability to maintain a balance system that is healthy and normal. Keeping a healthy balance is important in preventing falls that may be costly.

  • Allows you to avoid prescription drugs. There are many diagnoses that a prescription drug is necessary and will work effectively and efficiently. However, there are also other ways such as physiotherapy that can be as effective and efficient as the medications the doctors prescribe. In addition, the method is much less costly than buying prescription drugs. It also offers no side effects because you are not taking any synthetic ingredients into your body. Foreign material may also cause you to develop allergic reactions and other illnesses.

For example, you can skip the use of CT scan and MRI in treating low back pains. There is an abundance of evidence that prove the effectiveness of physiotherapy in relieving low back pains. Without relying on imaging scans, you can greatly reduce medication costs.

  • Allows you to avoid surgery.Usually, surgery is used for conditions such as degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis, rotator cuff tears, knee osteoarthritis, meniscal tears, and many others. Many don’t know that physiotherapy can also be performed on these conditions. When you avoid surgeries, you also avoid the stressful feeling of anticipating a medical procedure. You should also know that surgeries put one’s life at risk. In addition, avoiding surgeries also mean avoiding shelling out of large sums of dollars.

When you rely on physiotherapy, you teach your body to be strong and able to heal itself without relying on medications and procedures that may have side effects and may risk your life in the end.

With these benefits, there is no denying that physiotherapy is an effective method in treating a number of conditions. It is also beneficial because it is very affordable and a natural way of teaching your body to recover from various health problems.

Want to lose weight while eating healthy? Contrary to popular belief, research has proven that there are superfoods for weight loss that are as equally tasty as they are greatly beneficial to the body. Aside from preventing chronic diseases and building bones, these delectable foods can also help in getting and staying slim.

So, after checking out health food stores in Melbourne for dietary and health supplements, ditch the diet that just makes you hungrier and hungrier by the minute and choose from these delicious treats which are not just slimming, but also healthy.

Protein-rich and filling, beans surely qualify as a healthy weight loss food. High in fiber and slow to digest, eating beans will not only make you feel full longer, but will prevent you from wanting to consume more food.  According to a research from University of California at Davis, eating a meal with beans makes the body’s level of cholecystokinin (a hormone which works by keeping food in the stomach longer) twice as higher than a low-fiber meal with dry milk and rice. Evidence also points to beans keeping blood sugar more stable, reducing chances of hunger. Beans are also known to lower cholesterol while black beans do not have saturated fat found in other protein-rich food like meat – more health bonuses from these small-but-terrible legumes.

Jumpstart the day with a weight loss food that is as healthy as other fatty and sugary breakfast food: eggs. Containing a lot of protein, eggs also make us feel fuller a lot longer than usual. Eating a breakfast rich in protein reduces the desire to snack for the remainder of the day.

Another superfood option for breakfast would be oats. Aside from being rich in fiber, they contain a specific fiber type called beta-glucan which helps lessen cholesterol levels, stabilize blood sugar levels and enhance the response of human immune system to bacterial infection. Research also found that they have antioxidant compounds called avenanthramides that aid in lessening the risk of cardiovascular disease. Studies also showed that oats substantially reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, as it contains magnesium, a co-factor for enzymes involved in the use of glucose and insulin.

Studies also found grapefruit to be helpful in reducing weight. A 2006 research discovered that obese people who ate half a grapefruit before each meal or drank a serving of grapefruit juice three times a day dropped more than three pounds in a span of 12 weeks. The phytochemicals found in the fruit reduce insulin levels, resulting in the body converting calories into energy instead of flab.

Another fruit known as a superfood are blueberries. Though small, blueberries have anti-aging effects. Also, a cup of blueberries only has 80 calories. They contain antioxidants, which helps neutralize radicals connected to cardiovascular disease, age-related conditions and cancer. Apples, on the other hand, blunt appetite, due to its high fiber. They also lessen the risk of hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

If you have a penchant for desserts, then yogurt is just the superfood for you. Aside from the dose of calcium, vitamin B-2, B-12, potassium and magnesium, a study that followed 120,000 people for a decade found that yogurt was most closely linked to weight loss among all the other foods tracked.

For snacks, choose nuts. Almonds, walnuts, pecans, peanuts may be rich in calories but it has been proven that people who snack on nuts eat less at later meals, and those who munch on nuts are slimmer than those who don’t. A study also found that eating nuts causes faster metabolism, which means even when resting, calories are burned.

Start any meal with soup, and you are guaranteed to eat less. A study found that a cup of chicken soup can reduce the appetite the way a piece of chicken does. Research suggests that soup can satisfy hunger because the brain sees it as filling.

Lean beef, which contains the amino acid leucine (abundant in meat, fish and dairy products), can help in trimming down the weight while maintaining muscle. A study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign proved that eating nine to 10 ounces of beef a day on a 1,700 calorie diet helped women lose more fat, more weight and less muscle mass than a group consuming the same number of calories with less protein. Also, beef eaters proved to experience less hunger pangs.

For something different, try seaweed. This sushi staple helps improve the thyroid than red meat and is also a good source of vitamins B12, B6 and D and selenium, potassium and biotin. It also has a generous amount of iodine, more than what the body needs for a whole day. Seaweed also contains alginate, which aids in reducing the fat uptake of the body.

Gone are the days when you can just sit back and enjoy life as it comes. Today, most of our lives are filled with stress, heavily processed foods, and very little time to even enjoy each other’s company in our homes. Because of the rather fast-paced nature of modern life, we tend to choose those that give us instant gratification. You know pretty well that being healthy requires more than just going instant.

The key to becoming healthier in 2016 is to integrate a few things into your daily routine. You do not need to be grand about things because even the small ones can matter.
• Add an extra glass of water to your current daily water intake. This should help replenish fluids in your body to ensure cells are functioning more efficiently.

• Add two servings each of fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. Eat raw and natural as these are densely-packed with nutrients and antioxidants to help your body fight oxidative stress. Avoid dehydrated fruits and frozen vegetables. It is not that frozen vegetables are bad but you will have to thaw and cook them eventually thus diminishing their nutrient value.

• Smile more often. Smiling stretches some of the muscles in your head to improve blood flow. Additionally, you will feel much better about yourself as well as your relationship with others.

• Devote an hour or two of just walking. Maybe you need to buy something and it is not considerably far from your home, walk instead of taking your car. Walking helps you develop muscle tone and improves cardiovascular functioning.

• Sleep one hour earlier than usual. Sleep is your body’s way of recharging itself after a long day at work. This should give it plenty of time to repair damaged tissues and help create new cells that will be naturally healthier.

• Devote an hour of me-time. You can take your favorite book with you as you sit by your porch. Or even, designate a small space in your house where you will not be disturbed for one hour. Use this time to relax your mind and reflect on the day that you had.

• Spend at least two hours of family activity, whether dining together or watching your favorite films
together. This addresses your social health needs as well as maintain the close-knit ties among the members of your family.

These may not seem like much. But, if you do put in the effort of doing these every single day, you will be much healthier by the time 2016 is at the half. The most important factor in life is health and so you must take everything about it seriously. From eating habits to exercise, you have to pay attention to anything that will make you live healthily.