Back in 2019, I remembered my first month of Pilates classes. I wasn’t happy because I’ve noticed no reduction in my weight, considering I had 8 sessions with a Pilates instructor. I was faced with the dilemma of whether or not I can endure more hard work without no results or just get a refund and step out of the gym.

I decided to try Pilates class because first, I was gaining a lot of weight due to stress eating and diet alone cannot suffice for my need to lose weight. And second, I am unable to perform weight-bearing exercises such the treadmill, high-impact aerobics or stair climbing.

With a clear mind and a strong conviction that I can lose weight, I endeavored to go on and continue my Pilates class. For some reason, maybe my weekly sessions weren’t enough to meet my goals. And so, I increased my gym visits and had 3-4 sessions per week moving forward. I had 1-2 sessions of Pilates Jumpboard and 2 Pilates for weight loss.

Frown turned into grin a few weeks passed, when I saw my weight looking good with a few pounds shed off. I can’t stress this enough, but losing weight is never easy. There are no shortcuts or magic spells that would transform you overnight.

Just to be clear, I have nothing negative about Pilates group class. In fact, I’ve known friends and colleagues in the same gym and I’m glad to witness their numbers going down.

It may or may not work for some. In my case, personalised pilates session in Carlton North gave positive results. I haven’t hit the spotlight yet, but losing 9kgs in 5 months is not bad at all.

To this day, I believe, I’ve been doing Pilates for more than a year juggling work and family all together. It’s not easy but it’s possible. It’s a little crazy.

I know, it’s been a difficult year for everyone, with lockdown implementation and safety protocols mandated due to Coronavirus, workout trainings and programs froze. Health buffs also went on a halt with their regimen.

Thanks to the internet, virtual platforms didn’t stop me from working out. I didn’t mind turning my living room into a mini studio as my Pilates instructor taught me via Zoom. The training wasn’t perfect but it was convenient, not going through the pressure of commuting to the gym.

Looking back, my first impression about Pilates – it’s not that effective. A lot of factors came into mind such as; will it affect my posture or my muscle tone etc.? And it did, after a month of increased number of sessions.

There was progress indeed, a change in my body shape and my muscles are well-toned now. Surprisingly, I even had to change some of my wardrobe one size smaller. It’s a wonderful feeling.

If there is one thing about Pilates that I have to be thankful for, that would be my increased energy level. Roughly 50% of my energy soared and my performance at work increased to a higher level as well.

Compared to my old routine where I would go home and must be in bed by 9PM, today, I am eager to go out and have coffee with friends or even do my grocery shopping without feeling exhausted.

Moreover, Pilates enhances flexibility. This means you can manage your body movements easily because it prevents you from falling or tripping. I believe it’s the stretching aspect of my Pilates workout that made me more flexible and stronger.

My body aches were reduced to a certain extent. Why is this true? Well, I seldom go to the spa clinic now for a body massage. I used to put hot packs on my back for some relief. Now they’re just gathering dust in the shelf as I can’t remember the last time I used them.

I welcomed Pilates in my life a year ago with open arms and the hurdles of the first months are just part of it. Like I said, there are no shortcuts to progress.