In my personal experience, there are only two time-tested and fool-proof ways in which you can actually lose weight permanently and without any of the nasty side effects of diet pills – regular exercise and making the correct food choices. Choosing the correct food to help you lose weight can be pretty easy, but getting yourself to really sweat it out can be very challenging to some folks. The good news is that you can now actually lose weight even while you’re sitting down or doing the things you enjoy the most. A number of vibration machine reviews talk about the benefits of using such a machine and one of the most striking so far is its weight loss benefits. Did I get your attention? You should! Many of the friends I know who have used such a machine claim it works. If they can get the results they want, you, too, can lose weight using a vibration machine.

The idea about vibration machines is that it produces vibrations (hence, the name) that are transmitted throughout the rest of the body. A motor runs a mechanism on the bathroom weighing scale-like contraption which produces vibrations in a variety of ways, depending on the mechanism. Some platforms have a see-saw-like movement while others create an up-down motion much like an elevator. Others incorporate another plane of movement to create 3-dimensional movement. Others integrate a 4th plane of motion to create 4D.

These movements occur at a very rapid pace which you can actually control using buttons on the device. The faster the speed of the motor, the greater is the intensity of the vibrations. When these vibrations are transmitted through the body they stimulate the muscles in your body to contract and relax at almost the same frequency as the vibrations. This is the secret to a vibration machine’s work in helping you shave off several grams off of your weight at a time.

When we exercise you’ll mostly feel tingling sensations as if your muscles are being pricked by very tiny needles. Then you’ll definitely feel warmer. This is evidence that your muscles are working. They are essentially contracting and relaxing. Every time they contract they use up energy. And whenever energy utilisation in the body is involved you have to think about mobilising your fat stores.

A personal trainer friend of mine told me that vibration machines simulate the reflex contraction of muscles. He says that the frequency and vibration of the machine is what takes the place of weights in conventional strength training. What it does is that the vibrations activate more muscles a lot faster than conventional workouts. I’ll translate it in hopefully much simpler terms. You only need to a few minutes on a vibration machine to achieve the same kind of result that you would in any other type of exercise equipment.

Don’t believe me? Well, consider this. Your 10 minutes on a vibration machine set to its max is actually equivalent to 60 minutes of jogging or biking or 30 minutes of swimming and doing yoga or sit-ups. That’s about 400 to 600 calories burned already for a 100-kilogramme individual. And the good news is that you are never going to really sweat it out or even exert any force at all. You could very well be sitting on your couch watching your favourite TV programme or reading a novel you wanted to finish and the machine does it for you.

Vibration machines can help you lose weight. However, if you don’t watch what you’re eating, then you’ll be gaining weight as fast as you’ve lost it. The key to losing weight is to have higher energy expenditure than what you are actually consuming. Well, the process is actually very complicated, but let me put it in a simpler way. If you have an average calorie requirement of 3000, then your energy expenditure should be higher than that, say 3500. This creates a negative calorie balance, making your body to use up fat reserves.

Losing weight is best accomplished by making sensible food choices and revving up your physical activities. And if you’re like most folks I know who cannot be encouraged to hit the gym, then a vibration machine should help you obtain the weight you’ve ever wanted.