The continuous advancements in science and technology has resulted to the creation of tools and development of methods that can greatly help us cure diseases. But even if there are now drugs that swarm pharmacies, there are ways that can help us maintain a strong and healthy body without relying on artificial or synthetic ingredients. One great example is physiotherapy. Whether it is a preventive measure or treatment method, patients can rely on the positive effects of physiotherapy especially when it is facilitated by a certified practitioner.

What is physiotherapy? 

Physiotherapy is a treatment that deals with the restoration and maintenance of functional body movements, promotion of good overall health, and significant reduction of pain. It involves the use of physical numerous techniques such as massage, muscle stretching, joint mobilization, and joint manipulation. Physiotherapists also practice acupuncture and use other methods of treatment such as laser, ultrasound, ice, hot packs, and many others. If you are living or when you are in Australia, you can easily find reliable physio in South Yarra and Prahran area.

What are the conditions that physiotherapists treat? 

You’ll be surprised to know that physiotherapy can actually be used to treat numerous conditions that you would normally treat with over the counter or prescription medicines. The conditions that can be treated using physiotherapy includes sprained ankle, headaches, spinal injuries such as disc prolapse, fractures such as broken arm, sports injuries such as ligament tears, spinal pain, arthritis conditions such as osteoarthritis, pediatric conditions such as cerebral palsy, cardiothoracic conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders, neurological diseases and disorders such as stroke, biochemical problems such as “flat feet”, post-surgical rehabilitation such as after a knee replacement, and musculoskeletal problems such a carpal tunnel syndrome.

As it seems, physiotherapy is an effective method of treating numerous conditions without the need to consume tablets or other forms of medicines. In general, physiotherapists address cardiopulmonary, neurological and orthopedic problems among adults, geriatric populations, children and even infants.

What are the indispensable benefits of physiotherapy? 

  • Significant improvement in motion and mobility. There are different methods and treatments that thephysiotherapists use to regain your ability to move your body. They use several interventions to focus on the re-education and control of muscle, improvement of daily body functions, regaining of flexibility and strength, restoration and improvement of gait, rehabilitation of gross and fine motors skills, and others.

When you are able to move again, you are able to do your job and habits again without suffering from pain. You become able to earn a living again, which is essential for you to have a decent life. You also become able to perform tasks at home and do leisure activities again with much gusto and a lot of fun. When you are able to move normally again, you will be able to will be able to move your body regularly which is very important in avoiding he development of diseases such as diabetes. You can perform your regular session of workouts and maintain your ideal weight and good overall health status.

Being able to move consistently is crucial in keeping your ability to maintain a balance system that is healthy and normal. Keeping a healthy balance is important in preventing falls that may be costly.

  • Allows you to avoid prescription drugs. There are many diagnoses that a prescription drug is necessary and will work effectively and efficiently. However, there are also other ways such as physiotherapy that can be as effective and efficient as the medications the doctors prescribe. In addition, the method is much less costly than buying prescription drugs. It also offers no side effects because you are not taking any synthetic ingredients into your body. Foreign material may also cause you to develop allergic reactions and other illnesses.

For example, you can skip the use of CT scan and MRI in treating low back pains. There is an abundance of evidence that prove the effectiveness of physiotherapy in relieving low back pains. Without relying on imaging scans, you can greatly reduce medication costs.

  • Allows you to avoid surgery.Usually, surgery is used for conditions such as degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis, rotator cuff tears, knee osteoarthritis, meniscal tears, and many others. Many don’t know that physiotherapy can also be performed on these conditions. When you avoid surgeries, you also avoid the stressful feeling of anticipating a medical procedure. You should also know that surgeries put one’s life at risk. In addition, avoiding surgeries also mean avoiding shelling out of large sums of dollars.

When you rely on physiotherapy, you teach your body to be strong and able to heal itself without relying on medications and procedures that may have side effects and may risk your life in the end.

With these benefits, there is no denying that physiotherapy is an effective method in treating a number of conditions. It is also beneficial because it is very affordable and a natural way of teaching your body to recover from various health problems.