Gone are the days when you can just sit back and enjoy life as it comes. Today, most of our lives are filled with stress, heavily processed foods, and very little time to even enjoy each other’s company in our homes. Because of the rather fast-paced nature of modern life, we tend to choose those that give us instant gratification. You know pretty well that being healthy requires more than just going instant.

The key to becoming healthier in 2016 is to integrate a few things into your daily routine. You do not need to be grand about things because even the small ones can matter.
• Add an extra glass of water to your current daily water intake. This should help replenish fluids in your body to ensure cells are functioning more efficiently.

• Add two servings each of fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. Eat raw and natural as these are densely-packed with nutrients and antioxidants to help your body fight oxidative stress. Avoid dehydrated fruits and frozen vegetables. It is not that frozen vegetables are bad but you will have to thaw and cook them eventually thus diminishing their nutrient value.

• Smile more often. Smiling stretches some of the muscles in your head to improve blood flow. Additionally, you will feel much better about yourself as well as your relationship with others.

• Devote an hour or two of just walking. Maybe you need to buy something and it is not considerably far from your home, walk instead of taking your car. Walking helps you develop muscle tone and improves cardiovascular functioning.

• Sleep one hour earlier than usual. Sleep is your body’s way of recharging itself after a long day at work. This should give it plenty of time to repair damaged tissues and help create new cells that will be naturally healthier.

• Devote an hour of me-time. You can take your favorite book with you as you sit by your porch. Or even, designate a small space in your house where you will not be disturbed for one hour. Use this time to relax your mind and reflect on the day that you had.

• Spend at least two hours of family activity, whether dining together or watching your favorite films
together. This addresses your social health needs as well as maintain the close-knit ties among the members of your family.

These may not seem like much. But, if you do put in the effort of doing these every single day, you will be much healthier by the time 2016 is at the half. The most important factor in life is health and so you must take everything about it seriously. From eating habits to exercise, you have to pay attention to anything that will make you live healthily.

At present, we live in a busy and fast lifestyle. Most people do not have time to prepare their food or cook foods using healthy ingredients. Moreover, the rushing deadlines in office make them skip even exercise routines. There are several things you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Close your eyes: If you are a person who works more than eight to ten hours a day, then you need to take breaks while working. You can pause your work for five minutes once in two to three hours. Stop your work and sit in silence for about few minutes. You have to close your eyes and pause your brain from working or thinking. When you close your eyes, refresh and continue to work, you can perform the work better than usual. It is proved in a recent research. The body will obtain a better quality rest and gives you the energy and boost to perform the activities.

Consume sufficient field greens: Field greens contain plenty of minerals, phytochemicals, chlorophyll and vitamins. When you supply your body with these nutrients, you will not feel tired or restless soon. You can keep doing your work and reduce the under rested feeling. Some of the best field greens you should include in the diet are spinach, cabbages, and other greens easily available in your location. It is advisable to visit local greenery to obtain the best greens.

Choose mustard rather than mayonnaise: The commercial mayonnaise contains canola oil, soybean and vegetable oils. These ingredients result in a disparity of fatty acids. The vegetable oil consists of sufficient polyunsaturated fatty acids. It has chances to cause direct tissue injury. The mustard is healthy than mayonnaise. It contains vinegar, salt, turmeric and mustard seeds. It contains fewer ingredients and does not cause any problems to your body. If you are not able to find mustard, it is best to choose avocado slices.

Begin with green smoothie: The green smoothie is highly nutritious. It contains sufficient carbohydrates, fiber, and antioxidants. If you need to go out for work, you can prepare and take with you. You can carry with you and drink whenever you want. It is simple to prepare smoothie. You need to have a strong blender, fresh fruits, and green vegetables. To get the maximum benefits, it is advisable to use organic and fresh products. It is also recommended to use each product in right quantity.

Consume healthy soups: There are several kinds of healthy soups you can easily prepare at home. The soups help to nourish your body with nutrients. It is simple to prepare soups like apple and squash soup, potato and roasted cauliflower soup, chickpea and kale soup, pea soup and much more. If you are preparing for the first time, you can search on Google for tips and instructions and prepare. The internet is the best source for getting soup recipes and healthy food tips. You can take a look and prepare soups that you feel easy.

Exercise: It helps to give you a fresh feeling. Ensure to go to walking, at least, twenty minutes a day to feel refreshed.