Making Dental Visit a Good Experience

dental 1I believe in taking great care of my teeth, which is why I do my best to visit the dental clinic as often as I can. How often do we need to see a dentist depends on several factors, from personal preferences to the person’s oral health. As for me, I do my best to keep them cavity-free by coming every 6 months for my regular cleaning.

However, as I have decided to move in the last year, I had to go through the process of looking for a new dental clinic. After some search, I found out about MyDental Group, Dentist in Brunswick area. For me, these are the very important factors I consider when choosing the right dental practice:

Trustworthy and Comfortable

Most patients have an innate fear of sitting in that chair. This can be due to previous bad experiences, or from the horror stories of friends or family. Some of this fear is actually unnecessary, but this is part of the bad reputation most dentists have to deal with.

Therefore, it is important that your dental practice makes their patients comfortable during the process. It might be silly, but even how the office looks like can make a difference. But the most important is their way of dealing with clients. From the first visit, they can already leave an impression of being trustworthy and gentle.

When you visit a dentist, they start with interviewing you, getting to know your history. This gives them information on the new client and makes you comfortable in that chair. They will look at your teeth, examining for any signs of cavities, plaque, disease or other problems. Gentle movements and kind words should be used to make new patients especially relaxed.

A professional should also take the time to explain to you what they discovered, as well as the course of action that he/she believes to be best. You should have an opportunity to ask your questions, make inquiries or clear your mind of any doubts or uncertainties.

This should be a start of a long-term relationship because your dentist should be like your general doctor. Having one professional know your entire history, previous extractions or fillings, for example, makes it easier for them to suggest treatments. This initial meeting should make you feel comfortable enough to trust him/her with your teeth in the next sessions.

Range of Services and Competencies

Most dental practices will offer, of course, the standard check-up, cleaning and restorative services. However, some may not have the equipment or the competency to offer all procedures to patients. This means, for example, after a tooth extraction, there should be options for dental implants, bridges and other ways to replace what was removed.

Should your dentist only offer some of these, you will also be limited. As with medicine, there are many new treatments that are being invented yearly, so a good, competent and up-to-date professional is not limited to old practices that might be more painful, or less successful than newer ones. For example, there are now ways to produce artificial teeth within a day, making the replacement a much faster option nowadays. As a paying customer, you want to be able to have access to all of the newest procedures available.

A lot of clinics now offer cosmetic procedures as well, which is good for those who want to have bites corrected, or smiles improved. They can also restore or improve the appearance of teeth through veneers, perfect for those who may want to increase their confidence or whose jobs require having a beautiful white set.

Finding all of these under one roof will mean patients will not have to visit other dental practices anymore, facing strange dentists and going through the process of getting used to someone new again.

Long-term Approach

A good dentist looks beyond one visit. He/She will have genuine compassion for you and your oral health, instead of just trying to make money off of you. During your initial visit, a professional should ask about your cleaning habits and advise you on how to take better care of your teeth. Understanding your diet, smoking or alcohol use will be a part of this assessment as well. You will also get a competent opinion on how often you should visit, based on your oral health.

At the same time, any treatment done should be somehow part of a long-term plan. He/She can keep track of worsening conditions and know what to look out for when you come back for a visit. This is the advantage of having one person who will take care of your teeth through the years. 

The feeling of having a partner for your dentist will also make you look forward to coming back and going for that regular cleaning and check-up. With the importance of good oral health on your overall well-being, your regular visits to your dental clinic will bring you a lot of good as well.  Keep your oral cavity healthy and you will surely enjoy that lovely smile for a lifetime.

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