It’s been some time since I updated this blog. However, my absence was not due to a lack of activity. In fact, I’ve been busier than ever before, pursuing my goals and staying active. It was only recently that I realised just how grateful I am for the opportunities that I have had.

And that is why I wanted to come back and share some of my experiences with you, including my journey with Pilates sessions in Kew East.

Back in 2019, I was struggling with my weight due to stress eating and joint pain. Weight-bearing exercises were not an option for me, which is why I decided to try Pilates.

I had heard great things about this form of exercise, including its potential to help with weight loss, muscle tone, and flexibility. I discovered that Pilates was originally and specifically created for the military to help with injury recovery, so I figured it was worth giving it a shot.

I found a fantastic studio in around my area with a certified instructor who made me feel comfortable and supported. Although I was nervous about starting something new, the instructor was patient and encouraging, and I soon found myself enjoying the classes.

I was also happy to discover that the other people in the class were supportive and welcoming, which made the experience even better.

During my first few Pilates sessions, I realised that this form of exercise was more than just physical movements. It also helped me connect my mind and body, much like yoga.

I learned how to breathe properly and engage my core muscles, which helped me maintain proper form during the workouts. The instructor also introduced me to various equipment, such as the reformer, which added an extra challenge to the exercises.

As I continued with my Pilates sessions, I began to see improvements in my body. I felt more toned, more flexible, and had more energy throughout the day.

Although I wasn’t seeing any dramatic changes in my weight at first, I could tell that my overall health and fitness were improving. Despite my busy schedule, I made sure to continue attending the sessions.

Of course, there were times when I felt discouraged. There were weeks when I didn’t see any changes or when I struggled to keep up with the other people in my class. However, I reminded myself of why I started this journey in the first place.

I wanted to feel better in my own body, have more energy, and be healthier overall. Pilates also became my escape from the stresses of work life.

Over time, my hard work began to pay off. My muscles became more defined, and I became more flexible, which helped in my daily grind. I also began to see a reduction in my weight, which was a great feeling.

Even my friends started to comment on the positive changes they can see in my body! It took months of hard work and I’m not there yet, but I’m quite optimistic about how things are going.

Then 2020 came and a lot of things changed. When the pandemic hit, I was worried about how I would continue my Pilates practice. Fortunately, the studio in Kew East quickly adapted to the situation and started offering virtual sessions.

Although it wasn’t quite the same as being in a physical class, it was still a great way to stay active and connected with my Pilates community. I got somewhat lucky that there is enough space in my home to create a “mini-studio” for my Pilates sessions.

As restrictions began to ease in 2021, I was excited to return to in-person Pilates sessions in Kew East. Being able to work out in a studio again and connect with my instructor and classmates was a wonderful feeling.

It was great to be surrounded by people working towards a common fitness goal. I was thrilled to show everyone my progress, even during the pandemic. Of course, there were a few pauses here and there, but overall, I am happy and satisfied with what I’ve accomplished.

Reflecting on my Pilates journey, I am grateful for the transformative power of this discipline and will always recommend it to others who want to start on their fitness journey!

For those who want to know more about pilates before you take the first session, you can read this article.


I have been suffering from body pain for many years. I would wake up to a terrible pain from my hips down to my feet. The pain can come any time, day or night.

Pain killers had helped me fight off the pain for many years. But, the pain would come back after a few weeks of painless bliss. Every time, it is more intense than before. Lately, I decided to find a way to end the pain once and for all.

Finding A Cure

I have found temporary comfort in getting a massage regularly. I even bought almost all kinds of electric massage devices. As always, the relief was always short-lived.

Then I heard about remedial massage in Brunswick area from a friend whose son had undergone therapy and has been experiencing positive results. I am planning to take a vacation for a month. Why not spend it in Brunswick and have fun and seek treatment at the same time?

I have tried undergoing massage therapy with high hopes of getting rid of the pain. However, my work did not allow regular sessions. Now that I am on a holiday, I can focus on improving my health along with taking a break from my busy schedule.

Arriving at Brunswick

After arriving at the nearest airport to Brunswick, I rented a car to drive to my friend’s place. We are both happy to see each other. After greeting one another, my friend brought me to her son to show me his fast progress.

She is positive that I can find help there. The next day, she drove me to the clinic where I was asked to complete a form. After I was done and submitted it, we were told to wait.

Apparently, the form was forwarded to one of the therapists. After about 10 minutes, I was called into what appeared to be a small office. The therapist asked me if I am willing to undergo remedial therapy.

The treatment could last a month or longer. I told him I would stay with my friend until the treatment has been completed.

I was thoroughly examined and I answered numerous questions regarding the pain I felt, what I thought caused it, and pain history. I was told answering all the questions can help them find out what was wrong with me and to design a personalized treatment program.

A Ray of Hope

When I returned to the clinic for my first appointment, my therapist told me that my condition is still at its early stage. He started explaining to me the therapy that I would undertake, the schedule, and what to expect from the treatment.

I was told if all goes well, I would be having sessions for a month and I can have follow -up sessions and checkups in any clinic near my place that offers remedial therapy.

I was glad to be able to focus on the therapy sessions without worrying about work and other problems. My friend drove me to my sessions and we did some sightseeing if we still had time.

At first, I still spent sleepless nights as the throbbing on my hips down my legs prevented me from falling asleep. But, after my fifth session, I slept longer as the pain seemed to get less intense and last shorter.

I told my friend about this as well as my therapist and they were happy about this development.

My Journey to Wellness

Time flew fast and I only have two weeks left in Brunswick. The last two weeks were memorable to me. I experienced uninterrupted sleep for the first time without taking any painkiller.

I look forward to my therapy sessions knowing that good news always awaits me. Three days before my trip back home, I celebrated my getting well with my therapist and my best friend. I could not believe that I am now free from the pain.

My therapist gave me the name of his colleague near my place so that I can see him when the need arose. Thankfully, the pain is now gone.

With remedial massage, I experienced a great change in the quality of my life. Now, I can sleep soundly the whole night. I wake up feeling good, ready to go to work and spend quality time with my friends and family.

There are people who think that office cleaning is only for big businesses since they already have a reputation to protect. However, getting the services of a professional cleaning company can also bring a number of benefits for small businesses.

Here are 4 reasons why small businesses should also invest in reputable office cleaning services.

1. Ensures a Great and Lasting Impression

Small businesses do not have the benefit of a large customer base. As such, they have to take every opportunity they can to make a great and lasting impression on their clients.

If their office and other facilities are clean and organised, customers will be more than willing to conduct business with them.

This is where professional cleaning services can be very useful. One such company is Performance Cleaning. They can help small businesses find a venue where potential customers will feel very welcome.

One has to realise that ordinary cleaning is not enough. Customers will know if the office is really clean or not. Only professional office cleaning companies can provide small businesses with a very thorough cleaning.

2. Improves the Productivity of Your Employees

There are some businesses who think that their employees can clean the office themselves. While this is possible, it can take away precious time from the productivity of employees.

They will be spending up to 30 minutes cleaning up their workstations and helping others in the cleaning of other areas of the office. These 30 minutes can be allotted for more meaningful and more productive activities.

When small businesses hire an office cleaning company, they are transferring the responsibility of cleaning the office to this company. They are removing the burden of cleaning from their employees. This way, employees can focus more on their tasks and job responsibilities.

Professional cleaners can provide a much safer workplace, too. People will not get sick due to dust and allergens that may come from air vents or contaminated surfaces. This leads to a reduction in employee absenteeism. It can also contribute to better employee productivity.

3. Fosters Good Employer-Employee Relationship

One of the advantages of being in a small business is that you get to know each and every employee. Small business owners know each employee on a more personal level.

As such, they are able to communicate with employees in a less formal manner. The relationship between owners and employees is more cordial than those in large businesses.

However, if the business owner does not provide a clean and safe environment for his employees to work in, then the employees might feel neglected.

They might feel that the owner is only good at talking with them. Hiring a cleaning service can help convey to employees that the business owner wants them to work in the best possible environment.

They will feel valued. This can also endear them more to the company. As such, they will do their best to help the small business succeed.

4. More Thorough Cleaning

It is true that ordinary employees can clean their office. However, we already mentioned that doing so can have an impact on their productivity. A more important reason why professional office cleaning companies are better is that they can perform a more thorough cleaning of your office.

Professional office cleaners undergo rigorous training to help them in their tasks. They also get to use cleaning agents that are more powerful and more effective in killing germs on various surfaces. They are also knowledgeable about the different areas of an office that are the dirtiest.

Part of their job is to maintain the optimal functioning of your furnishings, fixtures, and other essential office equipment. They know that your business relies on these objects for your company’s success. Professional cleaners can keep your small business in great shape.

Professional cleaning companies do more than clean your office; they can help you gain more customers and ensure healthy and happy employees. They can also help you improve your employees’ productivity so you will reach the kind of success you’ve always envisioned for your small business.

It may be a surprising analogy but much of what is taught in yoga mirrors the principles of getting in the flow of organising. There’s a general misconception that being organised, or getting organised, is boring, strict and controlling. It couldn’t be further from the truth, there’s a spiritual element to getting organised that’s often overlooked which can be used across life.

  1. You can’t be wrong: We’re all unique so there’s many ways of achieving the same outcome. There are modifications for all Yoga poses for a reason, not all bodies can do the same thing. The same goes for organising, everyone’s organising level is different, and it takes time to find what works for you.
  2. It’s about the journey: As in Yoga, there is not a point that you will be ‘done’. Life is an endless cycle of using items, putting them back; acquiring items, letting go of others. The cycle is the point of organisation, not the destination of a magazine perfect house.
  3. Your intention keeps you focused: By focusing on what is important to you, achievements become a reality and help get you back on track when other distractions come up.
  4. Keep going: Progress is a product of patience. I’ve not known anyone who will try the Crow pose on the first go and get it. It’s something that has to be tried again and again before it’s accomplished. It’s the same with reaching an organising goal. Chunking a task down into manageable pieces keeps energy high and flowing.

  1. Every day is different: Some days on the mat you feel limber and happy, you’re able to get into poses easily and without strain. Other days it’s tiring and your body doesn’t want to do anything but child’s pose. Staying on top of life admin and being organised across all areas of life comes in waves, some days it all seems to work and other days will show that tweaks need to be made to handle new strains.
  2. Choose love and vulnerability: Yoga teaches us to be in the moment, to stay with our feelings. Organising demands the same. If we’re decluttering, for example, we must be honest about whether we need the item or if it’s fear that we may need it later, that makes us hold on to it.
  3. Observing yourself is a great asset: Rather than get angry at your past purchasing ‘mistakes’ or regrets, these are opportunities to learn about yourself. As they say in Yoga, each breath is a new chance, a fresh start; so to are opportunities to let go.

This guest post is written by Christie Flora.

If you are looking for a professional organiser based in Melbourne, Australia, you can contact Christie at flor&order ( She also helps with wardrobe organising and can be hired for one on one coaching sessions to assist you in living a calmer, decluttered, and happier life.