The saying that music helps the mind develop into a higher level is not new to me. I often heard it from my musically inclined parents and siblings who never failed in encouraging me to find comfort from playing any instrument where I could seemingly find an “internal connection”. Believe me, I have exerted significant efforts in searching for that one instrument that embodies who I am. However, most of the time my efforts were put into waste as well as the money invested for the music lessons I usually take. Due to several disappointments, I have actually considered giving up and letting my family enjoy playing music by themselves. But, I only held that hopelessness until the day I encountered a flyer wherein drum lessons in Melbourne were advertised.

Admittedly, I have attempted to play several musical instruments like the piano, violin, guitar, harp, trumpets. But never have I thought to play drums. When I have collected ample confidence in myself again, I enrolled myself once more in a music school, particularly in Red Drum Music Studios. Going to classes for me was not that much of a hassle since the studio is a few minutes away from our house. I knew I was overly confident when I entered the studio having been in one a couple of times. My confidence crashed that same day when I had difficulties in learning the basics of playing the drums. I cannot even hold the drumsticks correctly! That day I thought to myself that that was one of the worst decisions I made my whole life. Come to think of it, I paid for my own embarrassment.

When I got home that day, I stared at the mirror and asked myself if attending the classes was worth it. Quite obviously, I chose to attend the succeeding classes partially because I already paid for it but mostly because I wanted to pursue my interest in playing the drums. The first phase of the program was extremely difficult. The need to coordinate my eyes (which was in the notes) with my hands (which were holding the drumsticks) and foot (which was resting on a pedal) is indeed a challenge for beginners. But given my effort and dedication, after a few sessions, I was able to master some of the basics and was able to play simple rhythms and notes of popular music back then.

Other than learning to play the drums, there was more to music which I learned as I attended the classes. Music is a subtle science and math. As for the former, the sound waves produced by any instrument or object should be able to form a pleasing combination for our ears. And for the latter, it is more on the counts to be able to produce a beautiful rhythm from the sound. Hand and eye coordination, which is often tested during physical education classes, is not only tested but enhanced when one plays music. This is most certainly true when it comes to playing the drums. It even involves more coordination because we were also taught to play other parts of the drum set which needed stomping of the foot against a pedal to hit a large drum.

Of the instruments I have tried to learn and play, the drums are the only one wherein I can totally express feelings which cannot be put into words. By hitting the drums, stepping on the pedal, and playing rhythms not necessarily written, I was able to experience the “internal connection” my family has been talking about. When I was equipped with necessary skills in playing drums, I opted to buy one for my own so that I would not need to go and rent a room in a studio to do my thing.

Undeniably, learning something totally new causes fear or anxiety. But based on my experience, people should not be hindered by fear of not being good at it in the first try. Rather, those types of failures or shortcomings should be the ones to motivate us. The mentors in the studio were also of great help in assisting newbies like me in playing the drums. Their words of assurance that one day I would be able to play the drums without their guidance fostered an environment conducive for growth. As much search for the instrument that perfect suits me, I am reassured that more discoveries in playing the drums are yet to come to me. As I continuously put a conscious effort on something I love, I hope that another individual does not give up with the hardships of the early sessions of music lesson to be able to do what they respectively love to. I would never regret the day I decided to enroll myself in drum lessons because now I found another outlet for self-expression. It is in a rather calming and pleasing way of playing the drums for myself, my family, and others.