I have to admit, I love finding a reason to skip on my workout. I want to be fit and keep my figure, but I am not really a very active person. Although I had a gym membership, I was too lazy to go there all the time. Maybe I would go a couple of time max in the month but otherwise, I always found an excuse to skip.

This all changed when my flatmate suggested buying a treadmill at home. I was hesitant, at first, because I knew how lazy I tend to be when it comes to working out. She had, however, convinced me because of the many benefits compared to going to the gym to work out.

When I finally said yes, we took to the Internet to find the best machine for home use out there. Once it arrived, we were excited about using sole fitness F85 treadmill in our new home. The great reviews had led us to choose this specific model and I wanted to see if having it at home was going to make me work out more often.

After an initial try, I was motivated to do it more regularly. Surprisingly, a few times became more often, and after a couple of months, it started to become a part of my routine. No one was more surprised than I was, but using the machine had helped me understand why I liked it more than going to the gym:

Reason 1: I could do it anytime

I work long hours, and I also have some time to travel from home to work. Therefore, trying to squeeze in gym time was difficult for me sometimes. Even during the weekends, I would have other chores or plans so I could not always make it. The travel time to the gym and the opening hours just demotivated me from going. However, having the machine at home was the perfect solution. No need to go out and in fact, this time I would have wasted on the trip was exactly the amount of time I ended up working out on the home treadmill.

Reason 2: The weather doesn’t stop me

More than having to travel, the weather makes me even lazier. When it is raining or cold, I just feel like staying in and skipping on my work out. Exercising at home, on the other hand, does not require me going out into the rain or whatever other weather.

Reason 3: No crowds, no judgment, and no hassle

 I didn’t realize how much I hated the crowds in the gym. Being a bit on the round side, I could not avoid comparisons, stares and the discomfort having to work out with other people. Because most of the gym goers are also in the office at the same time as me, it means I can only exercise during the busiest times. Staying at home allows me to just meet my fitness goals, which is just to keep myself active and avoid gaining more weight. I was not really overweight and I was happy with my body. Finally, in my own private place, there are no people looking at me, no one to fight over the machines with, no dirty facilities and I could also shower in my own bathroom. Once I realized the difference, I could not really imagine working out in a public gym anymore.

Reason 4: I can squeeze shorter workouts

It is very rare for any one of us to really have hours to spare to work out in the gym. Personally, it was easier for me to exercise more often but in shorter intervals. It was also less boring and I was more motivated when I knew I was only going to run for 20 minutes. To make sure I still was doing enough, I would do it 3 or 4 times a day whenever I had time to squeeze it into my schedule.

Reason 5: I could multitask

I really love to cook at home, using traditional recipes that meant I sometimes needed to wait for a while for the food to be ready. Or sometimes, I like to watch movies or news. I incorporated my fitness regimen into these activities, and it was much better than just sitting inactive on the couch. I could finally achieve more in the time I had. In fact, I could do many of my chores at the same time, which helps a lot. After all, there are quite a few things I need or want to do at home, and if I went to the gym I could simply not do these things simultaneously.

To be honest, I was astonished that I ended up really loving our home treadmill machine. It was definitely the perfect solution for me, and I finally felt excited and motivated to work out. Without really planning to, our sole fitness F85 became an important part of my life and routine!

I do hope you find my post interesting and helpful. If you are a health buff and would want to read more of this kind of articles, just click here. There’s no better way to enjoy life than to be in the best of health.