Strong is the new sexy. Women in the modern society are now starting to embrace fitness over and above skinny figures. Even in the fashion industry, we are seeing models with more flesh and muscles than bones. Today, women train and boy do they train hard. While many stick to the mainstream activities, like gym sessions and outdoor sports, I go in a different direction. I discovered indoor futsal and the benefits it brings to my physique. Here, I will share with you the 5 reasons why we, the women of the world, should embrace indoor futsal with open arms.

Improves Cardiovascular Fitness

Futsal, considered as the smaller-format of soccer, is an aerobic activity. It therefore improves your breathing and heart functions. The game is played with different maneuvers, including frequent and rapid shifts from running to walking to sprinting, and vice versa. In the process, you burn fats or simply lower your cholesterol count. With less fats, the better your cardio fitness becomes.

Tones Muscles

Losing body fats can leave your skin saggy without proper and regular exercise. If you’re looking for a fun, collaborative way to firm up your muscles, play futsal with friends and loved ones. Observe the school girls who are soccer players. Their legs are sexy, as well as their arms and abdominal muscles. Unlike gym sessions, playing futsal does not lead to bulking up. I personally don’t want an overly bulky or muscular build for a woman as it loses femininity. With a smaller ball size, lighter weight, and restricted bounce, the ball used in futsal won’t demand much force from players. So, you can very well tone your muscles the right way.

Avoids Skin Damage

Playing rough sports may cause injuries. Running a marathon exposes the skin to the harmful UV rays, pollutants, and other potentially damaging factors. Just hanging out under the roof, such as in a pilates center or gym, can become dull in the long run without interaction. With all these considerations, I strongly suggest you find an indoor physical activity that is equally interactive, just like futsal. Skin care, after all, is not only a matter of product application and regular clinic treatments, you have to also stay away from some outdoor activities as the skin ages faster with constant exposure to the intense sun heat.

Promotes Socialization

If men are generally logical beings, women are relational creatures. We thrive in socialization, even when we undertake ordinary tasks like stitching or baking. So it’s not surprising why women initiate tea parties or organize clubs. The same is true for the sport, indoor futsal. Clubs and organizations such the Australian Women’s Futsal Team, Moreland Futsal Club, and Melbourne Heart exist and strengthen not only the sport, but also the social relationship of the players. I find this quite exciting and adventurous for you get to play in different futsal stadium locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, or in any other city.

Sharpens Strategic Thinking

Futsal also enhances cognitive thinking which makes it a holistic sport, targeting both the mind and the body. In my profession, mental acuity, strategic thinking, and quick decision-making are crucial. And I like the fact that all these can be further honed simply by playing a ball game. A sharp mind is demanded when the ball is passed on to you and because there is time pressure, you are to decide quickly which action to take. When playing futsal, one never notices that he/she is already learning, already firming up.

Many may be hesitant to treat futsal as an exercise for women. Being related to football, futsal may also be classified as intense and rugged, not ideal for females. But I tell you, things are not always what they seem. With smaller courts, lighter ball, and less strict rules, futsal is in many ways softer and gentler than it appears. You’ll definitely love it, just as much as I do.