3 Benefits of Getting the Right Facial Treatment

Some of my officemates and acquaintances ask me why I always seek facial treatment every month. It would seem that they notice improvements in the way I look. Some of my friends say I look more refreshed almost every month as if I don’t have any stress in my life.

Many also say that my skin looks a lot firmer, fresher, and vibrant. Well, these are only some of the benefits of my regular visits to a facial spa in Doncaster area. You may not believe it, but there are more benefits to getting the right facial treatment than you can imagine. Here are 3 of them.

1. Relieves Psychological Distress and Reduces Stress

It doesn’t seem obvious at first, but having a facial can do a lot of good for your psychological well-being. I’m not making this up. I read from the Journal of Biomedical Research that facial massage can trigger the release of feel-good substances in the brain. These substances are almost similar in structure to opioids, but without their addicting effects. So what you get is a reduction in anxiety levels and an increase in your overall sense of well-being.

Massage is an important part of facial treatment. What helps for me are the essential oils that my aesthetician uses during the massage. When combined with her expert massage techniques, I feel more comfortable and more relaxed. This is something I can never achieve with self-massage.

But facial massage doesn’t only impact the face. It can also bring health to other organs of the body. These organs connect to nerves on the face. With the correct application of pressure on these nerves, we can ensure optimum functioning for the other body organs. Aestheticians know where different pressure points on the face are.

2. Slows Down the Process of Aging

This is one benefit of facial treatment that is most visible to others. They say that I look younger every day; not older. The secret is in the various facial treatments that remove dead skin cells and foster the growth of new skin cells.

Facial massage improves the circulation of blood in the skin of the face. What it does is that it allows for the more efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen. These nutrients keep the cells of the skin healthy and strong. Protein is a very important nutrient for the skin as it provides the building blocks for collagen. Vitamins and their antioxidant effects also help promote better skin cell rejuvenation.

There are also facial treatments that remove dead skin cells through exfoliation. This removes the outermost layer of skin cells. These are dead anyway so there’s no use for them. By removing this outer layer of dead cells, we promote the growth of newer and healthier skin cells. They push outwards to reveal a more vibrant glow on the skin. Sure, Father Time says I am already old. But my skin isn’t showing the signs of aging.

3. Improves the Absorption Capabilities of the Skin

If you’re like me who has a number of beauty regimen at home, maybe you’re wondering why some products don’t work. This has something to do with the absorption capabilities of our skin. We can apply creams and lotions. But if the active ingredients of these products are not absorbed by the skin, then it would be useless.

Facial treatments boost our skin’s ability to absorb these ingredients. They remove dead skin cells to expose fresher and healthier cells. These cells absorb the active ingredients of beauty products a lot better. Facial treatment also boosts blood circulation in the skin. This also aids in the more efficient absorption of beauty products.

So you see, facial treatments can help improve the way we use beauty products on our skin. There are numerous other benefits of getting the right facial treatments. Suffice it to say, these treatments are more than skin-deep.

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