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Hansen & Lydersen smoked salmon

“The Best Scandinavians” according to my mother “are always the ones living outside Scandinavia.” As an Anglo-American married to a Norwegian for nearly 40 years this has been a common refrain from the long-suffering Mama Johansen. She-who-must-be-obeyed would roll her … Continue reading

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Syttende Mai, or Norwegian Constitution Day

It’s 17th May, the day Norway’s constitution was signed in 1814. A little confusing because Norway technically remained under Swedish rule for the better part of the 19th Century. But why let such minor historical details get in the way … Continue reading

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Bread, sweet bread

Like George Costanza in the sitcom ‘Seinfeld’, I too like a good sandwich. It’s an abomination the stuff you get in supermarkets, delis and ‘sandwich’ joints around London. Seriously. The city is pining for a good sandwich. Why is there … Continue reading

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