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Gravlaks (dill-cured salmon)

While there always seems to be a frenzied rush this time of year to come up with the most ghoulish recipe for Hallowe’en I’ve been musing on the joys of that other orange-hued foodstuff: salmon. Nothing makes me happier than … Continue reading

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Nordic Masterclass and Tasting at Abergavenny Food Festival

Ahh…Abergavenny. My favourite food festival. It’s packed with great stalls, producers, speakers, classes and debates, not to mention tutored tastings. This is the food festival as village fête: friendly, fun and replete with delicious food everywhere you turn. This year … Continue reading

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A Scandi Midsummer Feast

Midsummer is traditionally marked across all the Scandinavian countries with celebrations, festivals and even bonfires – in some countries the festivities go on for the entire week of summer solstice, in others you’ll find the feasting restricted to the 21st or … Continue reading

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Syttende Mai, or Norwegian Constitution Day

It’s 17th May, the day Norway’s constitution was signed in 1814. A little confusing because Norway technically remained under Swedish rule for the better part of the 19th Century. But why let such minor historical details get in the way … Continue reading

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