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Nina’s Passionfruit Brownies

A short posting on these birthday brownies I made for my pal Nina, who – like me – has a penchant for passionfruit. These brownies are dark, fudgey and guaranteed to lift the spirits on cold February days. Though thankfully … Continue reading

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Roses are red…

Actually, in this case they’re yellow and orange. Much better. In a fit of anti-Valentine-romance-is over-rated-not-to-mention-over-commercialised-pique I toyed with the idea of ignoring Feb 14th altogether and staying in to watch old Marilyn Monroe movies. Having decreed to my other … Continue reading

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My Kingdom for a pair of choux (buns)!

Bit of a manic Sunday, had promised myself to complete a challenge set by the Daring Bakers, and August’s task has been “chocolate eclairs” – a brilliant choice, who doesn’t love good choux? As it’s my first Daring Baker challenge as … Continue reading

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Something to please chocoholics and passionfruit-obsessives alike!

Following Wednesday’s feature on passionfruit and its many virtues, here’s an addendum: throw the pulp & seeds from a passionfruit in with your brownie mix. Or anything with chocolate for that matter, provided the chocolate is dark as the tartness of … Continue reading

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In praise of passionfruit…

Admittedly not a classic Scandinavian ingredient but passionfruit always reminds me of this heavenly tropical soda my Dad brought back from Sweden when I was younger. Amazing stuff, the Swedes do know something about making soda, although it’s probably contraband (Norwegians don’t … Continue reading

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