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Daim Cake

Daim chocolate and cheese may not strike you as the most kosher of pairings but chocolate cheesecake exists right? Incidentally chocolate cheesecake is considered an abomination in the Johansen household, I mean why mess with sour cream and vanilla, why?! … Continue reading

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Chocolate week is in full swing and the quality of real chocolate now available in the UK – like the hilarious Boris Johnson – is really something to marvel at When it comes to real chocolate my adopted home has … Continue reading

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The crafting of chocolate: Paul A Young

Thought you were getting a recipe for sea salted caramel truffles there didn’t you? Or perhaps some tips on decorating truffles? Marzipan: the way to a Scandi’s heart After an extended hiatus from posting recipes a mea culpa is due: … Continue reading

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Nina’s Passionfruit Brownies

A short posting on these birthday brownies I made for my pal Nina, who – like me – has a penchant for passionfruit. These brownies are dark, fudgey and guaranteed to lift the spirits on cold February days. Though thankfully … Continue reading

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Something to please chocoholics and passionfruit-obsessives alike!

Following Wednesday’s feature on passionfruit and its many virtues, here’s an addendum: throw the pulp & seeds from a passionfruit in with your brownie mix. Or anything with chocolate for that matter, provided the chocolate is dark as the tartness of … Continue reading

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