Strawberry Tea in aid of Breast Cancer Care

Sussex strawberries

Just a brief note to alert you to the Strawberry Tea campaign Breast Cancer Care are running this summer. This is obviously a subject close to many people’s hearts, and I want to do what I can to support Breast Cancer Care as my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer while I was at university. Thankfully the mighty Mama Johansen is now in the clear but for thousands of women breast cancer can be fatal if left untreated, thus early detection is essential to saving lives.

Please click on this to support Breast Cancer Care

So when Julia Parsons of A Slice of Cherry Pie let me know about this strawberry afternoon tea fundraising idea I suggested we join forces and host an event before strawberry season petered out.  I may have eighty recipes to submit to my publisher in two weeks’ time but damnit I can and will find the time to support Breast Cancer Care! And scoff strawberries while I’m at it.

The aim is to host an afternoon tea (with strawberries but I imagine all summer fruits are welcome!) to raise money and awareness for breast cancer, you can have it at home, at work or in a park. I’m hosting it at my Bloomsbury flat this Saturday afternoon and have asked those attending to donate £10 each (or more if they can) which goes straight to the coffers of Breast Cancer Care.

Our informal gathering of food bloggers and friends will, of course, be replete with strawberries but we’ve also snaffled delicious Cornish clotted cream donated from the good people of Rodda’s, lots of homemade jams and preserves, scones courtesy of yours truly made with butter given to us by Lurpak. If time permits I shall bake a big fat sour-cream & chocolate cake for the occasion.

Henrietta Lovell of Rare Tea Company will hopefully approve of her delicate oolong, green and jasmine white silver tip teas being brewed in proper tea pots and lastly I have my eye on a bottle of Pimm’s that is currently languishing on my shelf. Between this and the refreshing drinks donated from Firefly Tonics we are ready to roll!

Fellow food blogger and fundraiser *extraordinaire* Niamh Shields of Eat Like A Girl will be organising a garden party in August in aid of Breast Cancer Care. Why not host your own afternoon tea or garden party? Click on the logo above to register on Breast Cancer Care’s site for further information and a donation pack. Get a group of friends, family or colleagues together and kick off your own fundraising event! Feel free to comment below if you’re hosting a strawberry tea or if you’re thinking of doing something to help raise money for Breast Cancer Care.

Photos and a full report with recipes will be up next week, in the meantime I’m off to source those berries…

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5 Responses to Strawberry Tea in aid of Breast Cancer Care

  1. Julia says:

    I’m so looking forward to the tea, Sig! x

  2. Sig says:

    Thanks Julia, same here will be a fun afternoon :)

  3. Maunika says:

    What a fab cause Sig! I’m sure it will be super. Nothing like an afternoon tea w scones, jam & butter. Perfect! Hope to make it for the next one.

  4. Ailbhe says:

    Yes, I love a cuppa with something delightfully ‘bad’. Especially when it’s in a good cause. See you Saturday : )

  5. thomas winther says:

    Please contact me regarding editorial in Scan Magazine:

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