Win a copy of Scandilicious Baking with Scandinavian Cookery Classes!

Scandilicious Baking (Saltyard Books, photography by Tara Fischer)

*Fancy winning a signed copy of my forthcoming book Scandilicious Baking? (RRP £25)*

Book yourself in for a Scandinavian baking masterclass below and you could win a copy of the book, getting a sneak peek at Scandi baking delights before the book is officially published on July 5th. The winner will be chosen at random and spaces are limited so pip pip, be quick!

And why not come along to a bread or midsummer class while you’re at it, find out the secrets to cooking and baking the Scandinavian way at newly opened Central Street Cookery School in Clerkenwell, London.

Hope to see you at a class!

Sig x

Scandinavian Baking Masterclass (£100)  2 June 2012: 10 am for 10:30 am start

Discover the secrets of great baking with Scandilicious flair…

Scandinavian baking is among the best in the world. Deeply ingrained in our culture, it is a distinctive part of the Nordic identity, history and well-being. Welcome to a place where cakes made with real butter are celebrated rather than feared, where entire festivals are dedicated to baking and where it is believed there is nothing quite like the thrill of making one’s own bread, Christmas biscuits or cardamom buns.

This hands-on class will show you how to make perfect bread, the secrets of crisp pastry and how to make a perfect, mouthwatering cake – with recipes from my forthcoming book Scandilicious Baking (Saltyard Books) and the opportunity to really whisk, fold and cream your way to baking success!

Click on the PayPal link below to book your place:


Love your loaf – Real Bread The Scandinavian Way (£25) 6th June 2012 6pm for 6:30pm start

This class tackles an essential kitchen skill – bread. Learning to bake a loaf of bread is not only immensely satisfying but in our straitened times a valuable string to add to your culinary bow. For the price of a cookery book this class is all about getting our hands into dough and talking bread science (there won’t be an exam at the end of it though!). This is a short, sharp intensive bread baking class for bread novices.

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Scandinavian Midsummer (£45)12th June 6pm for 6:30pm

Summer is a busy time for Scandi cooks, the long days yield intensely flavoured berries and there’s plenty of fish and seasonal vegetables available for a delicious midsummer feast. Learn the secrets of curing gravadlax, how to make your own pickles and give your strawberry dessert a Scandi twist with this hands-on class. There will be plenty of food for you to sample during the evening too, fear not!

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** Classes will be held at the Central Street Cookery School In Clerkenwell.

** Copies of Secrets of Scandinavian Cooking…Scandilicious will be available to buy at the classes, along with a sneak preview of my forthcoming baking book Scandilicious Baking.

*** Cancellations: If for whatever reason you cannot make it and need to cancel please give us at least 48 hours’ notice otherwise we won’t be able to refund your place***

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