Hansen & Lydersen smoked salmon

Hansen & Lydersen smoked salmon, creme fraiche and dill canape at The Albion (photo taken by Neil Davey)

“The Best Scandinavians” according to my mother “are always the ones living outside Scandinavia.”

As an Anglo-American married to a Norwegian for nearly 40 years this has been a common refrain from the long-suffering Mama Johansen. She-who-must-be-obeyed would roll her steely grey eyes at the comedy of my father’s immediate family – most notably Papa Johansen’s charmingly eccentric sisters. It made my mother and I a little uncomfortable listening to their continual exclamations of Norwegian pride and how Norway was the best in absolutely everything.

In hindsight I now see that such hubris was simply emblematic of a small country and quaint to my Mother’s Yankee ears.

Admittedly, the aunts have a point. Norway does have exceptional ski jumps, produces some fine wool sweaters and has figured out a nifty way of managing all that oil wealth. But the ne plus ultra of all things amazing and Norwegian is of course our seafood.

Those who know me will tell you I wax lyrical about the aquatic wonders I grew up with in Norway – from sweet North Sea prawns to buttery smoked salmon, freshly caught mountain trout and sprightly crayfish caught in the Sognefjord – I champion the seafood heritage of Norway in my book and to anyone popping round for Sunday brunch.

So it was with some amusement that I discovered recently I had come under criticism for not promoting Norwegian seafood on this blog. Apparently my heart lies in cake. Well my hips do too let me tell you…

Dear reader, allow me to introduce you to some of the best Norwegian seafood in the world, smoked and cured right here in London – Hansen & Lydersen smoked salmon.

Here’s why I love their salmon:

  • it’s delicious, buttery and the smoke/cure flavour is perfectly balanced
  • it’s sustainable
  • it’s cured according to a traditional recipe dating back to 1923
  • it’s hung and slowly cold-smoked in the brick kiln of a Stoke Newington smokehouse, using a blend of juniper and beech wood
  • Even the wood shavings are responsibly sourced, with zero chemicals.
  • did I mention it’s delicious?

Seriously, these guys know their stuff and Ole Hansen along with his wife Flora Hansen embody the best of go-getting entrepeneurship, taking traditional smoked salmon craftsmanship from Northern Norway and making it with care and to great success here in the heart of London. When I told my mother about their salmon she just looked at me and raised one eyebrow. Mama J has once more, of course, been proven right.

Do have a peek at Hansen & Lydersen, they have an ace website, deliver across London and ship to addresses around the UK. I suspect we will be seeing a lot more of their delicious smoked salmon gracing our plates in the future!



3 Shelford Place
London N16 9HS

phone: 020 7923 9415 ‎

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9 Responses to Hansen & Lydersen smoked salmon

  1. Rosa says:

    Oh, it looks so scrumptious! I’d love to try such gourmet smoked salmon.



  2. Ailbhe says:

    Sounds one to try, Sig. I just tasted some fabulous West of Ireland (Burren) smoked salmon produced by a lovely Swede – maybe we should do a smoked salmon tasting review of the British isles and see how many have scandi links? Will bring own bread!

  3. the says:

    Looks absolutely gorgeous. I’ve always bought Scottish smoked salmon but think this sounds worthy of a try. And nothing wrong with blogging about cake – I love your recipes so keep it up!

  4. paul says:

    Sounds good, thank Sig – I’m always on the lookout for new smoked salmon suppliers, my favourite for years has been Goldsteins but v happy to try another.

    BTW hot smoking at home is ultra-easy and a great talking point with fellow diners, I trust you have tried it yourself?

  5. Your Mama has a point. Sometimes the best of a small country does leave to get bigger. The salmon was fabulous, and who knew Stoke Newington was such a hotbed of smoking?

  6. Just loved all that about the loony Aunts. I think they all go a little crazy in the winter with all that snow! But about the seafood, I just love going to the boats that come into Arke Brigge in Oslo with all the freshly caught prawns…none of that Asian water injected rubbish!

  7. Crazy relatives! Love it. I like the look of this dish too, will try this soon. Thank you.

  8. Toby Jenkins says:

    I have tried this salmon and as a salmon aficionado have gotta say fantastic salmon ole !!!! another one to try though, which are a totally traditional smokehouse out in the sticks is Shropshire Smokery. There Salmon is outa this world aswell and im addicted to there Smoked Duck hams !!!

  9. Thank you for this incredible food site. I love the visual and educational content on Scandinavian food. I think the good is both elegant, appetising and drool worthy! I especially love your imagery on instagram too!

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