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Hot buns full of heresy

Being of Scandinavian-English-American-Irish-German-Jewish-Lithuanian extraction I’ve stopped crossing my buns. What inspired such subversive behaviour in the week leading to Easter? Misplacing my piping bags. And out of sheer laziness I decided to forego making my own piping bag from silicone paper … Continue reading

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Food is the best medicine

An apple a day they say, keeps the doctor away. Be it the common cold or a nebulous norovirus, everyone seems to be down with some debilitating ailment at the moment. As far as I’m concerned, winter can end now. … Continue reading

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The Vikings are coming!

Having seen Henning Mankell – author of the popular detective series Wallander – speak last night about his novels and his Swedish detective hero Kurt Wallander I was intrigued by the question someone in the audience posed about the ‘gloomy’ … Continue reading

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Spelt breadrolls

It’s a glorious spring day outside, just warm enough to sit in the sun and soak up some much-needed rays after a long, cold winter. Today’s luncheon was a real Scandi-nostalgia-fest: fresh wholemeal bread rolls like the ones I grew … Continue reading

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The Breaking of Bread…

Scandinavians famously love good bread. I mean LOVE good bread. We’re rather guilty of extolling the superiority of our wonderful bread culture whilst sneering at the stuff which passes for bread over here. Or at least I am, but then … Continue reading

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