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Winter Wonderland In Røros, Norway

If only winter were this glamorous. Er, well it would help if we had a winter to speak of in Britain rather than squalling winds we’re experiencing this week! Having spent fifteen years growing up in Norway the whole notion … Continue reading

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Hot buns full of heresy

Being of Scandinavian-English-American-Irish-German-Jewish-Lithuanian extraction I’ve stopped crossing my buns. What inspired such subversive behaviour in the week leading to Easter? Misplacing my piping bags. And out of sheer laziness I decided to forego making my own piping bag from silicone paper … Continue reading

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Peter's Yard Crispbread: more than the sum of its parts

Those who know me will tell you few things make me happier in life than good bread slathered with indecent amounts of butter. When time permits the ritual of baking and breaking of bread is one of this cook’s favourite … Continue reading

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The *sweet* taste of success

I want a log cabin. A modest Norwegian log cabin of course, heaven forfend none of those plush Alpine chalets. Just a quaint log cabin with a few basic amenities: workable kitchen, a fireplace and a sauna. Moose antlers to … Continue reading

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Fastelavensboller, or Lenten cardamom buns

It’s Ash Wednesday and even a girl of Lutheran-Jewish-Catholic-Heathen extraction understands the basic human need to mark certain days in the calendar with a confectionary blowout. There’s much talk of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday but I already checked that ‘Heathen … Continue reading

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Food is the best medicine

An apple a day they say, keeps the doctor away. Be it the common cold or a nebulous norovirus, everyone seems to be down with some debilitating ailment at the moment. As far as I’m concerned, winter can end now. … Continue reading

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Make mine a T'a: Chocolate breakfast at Maze with Jason Atherton and T'a chocolates

Chocolate is high on the list of essential foodstuffs in this household. Along with good bread, butter, porridge oats, yoghurt, anchovies and brown cheese, dark chocolate is always in stock. I began my love affair with the dark stuff when … Continue reading

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Chocolate Beetroot Cake

Beetroot is as mighty as vegetables come. Admittedly I spent half my life thinking it came only in pickled form as my family used to eat it with chicken liver pate and mayonnaise on an open rye sandwich. Occasionally my … Continue reading

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Mac n' Cheese baby!

“To soothe the inner beast or quell the pain of a broken heart, make macaroni and cheese” -Marlena Spieler Macaroni and Cheese (2006) Whenever someone mentions mac n’ cheese, or what you preposition-averse Brits call macaroni cheese, I do a … Continue reading

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The Vikings are coming!

Having seen Henning Mankell – author of the popular detective series Wallander – speak last night about his novels and his Swedish detective hero Kurt Wallander I was intrigued by the question someone in the audience posed about the ‘gloomy’ … Continue reading

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